Standard Weight Management Package

Weight management you get a weekly 1-2-1 weigh in with a qualified nutritionist with the option to include a body composition analysis once a month to track your fat loss. This is then followed by a group talk by your weight management coach. The talks change each week and range from nutrition, exercise, mindset, success stories and much more with group challenges at key times of the year to keep you on track.

Exercise – This is optional as an added extra to give you results quicker, tone and shape up. Aerobics is suitable for all abilities from low impact- high impact with adaptations and alternatives given. You get the option to stay after weight management session and take part in aerobics, this is included in the weight management package at no extra cost to you. If you wish to try other exercise types please go to the “All inclusive” package

What is the diet programme about?

It is designed to protect women around breast cancer. All the latest research and education to give you first class information for primary prevention! It is not just a weight loss programme, there are no pills, potions, meal replacements, syns, points to count. It’s all about clean eating with recipes from preparation to the table within 30- 60 minutes, nothing complicated or fancy and is suitable for the whole family. This is not just a weight loss programme it is designed to keep your body in tip top condition for the rest of your life!
“Nutrition is medicine!”

All you need is commitment to a attend a weekly group session to get results faster

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