General weight management and exercise classes


  • Type two diabetic on lots of medication
  • Been overweight for over 10 years
  • Started July 2012- Talk on goal setting triggered her weight loss journey on “Where do you want to be in twelve months time?”
  • Got into fitness when Bootcamp was introduced in 2012
  • Start weight: 15st 9lbs
  • Lost 4 stone by the end of 2012
  • Attended 8 exercise sessions a week
  • Reached goal weight: August 2013 at 11st 8lbs
  • Lost a total of 5 stone
  • April 2014 took up running 5K race for life
  • Age: 55

“No amount of treats are worth my health and wellbeing”. Margaret is now free of all medication and no longer a type two diabetic!

Margaret Boyd

A fab way to improve health and fitness for all ages and levels! Sandra is the best and the atmosphere is smashing……would highly recommend!

Kate Mellar

Claire struggled with her weight since leaving college always being size 16 in clothes The turning point for Claire was when she had to buy size 20- 22 top for a party as nothing would fit!

Joined January 2014

  • Height: 5ft 6
  • Start weight 17st 3lb
  • Weight after 12 months 11st 3lbs
  • Lost 6 stone
  • Clothes size 20 -22 / NOW 10- 12
  • Exercise plays a massive part in her life now as she doesn’t need to use her asthma inhalers anymore and attends 5 sessions a week.

Claire lost her weight before her 40th birthday because she wanted to be “fit & fab” at 40, not “fat at 40”.

Claire Jones

Now gaining confidence and motivation after just a few visits. Looking forward to each session.

Cheryl Wright

Absolutely love these classes my fitness level has improved & I have lost nearly 3 stone excellent friendly instructor.

Di Humphreys Barker

Yoga classes

Training consultant from Stourport- I have practised Yoga for a while but have lately struggled to find a good teacher which is why, although I was looking forward to my first lesson with Caz, I was also a bit apprehensive.

I needn’t have worried though! From the first session, Caz had me stretching myself in a way I hadn’t done for ages and I left feeling chilled, relaxed and eager for the next class. I’ve now been to a few sessions with her and am stronger, more flexible and calmer as a result. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Caroline Bublik

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to yoga, I thought it might a lot of deep breathing I was wrong! I got myself into positions I didn’t know I could! All the positions were stretching different muscles. The instructor was watching all the time to make sure I was correctly positioned. She gave options of 2 to 3 levels easy or hard and sometimes advanced so I was able to choose what was right for me. The instructor is constantly checking that everyone is managing ok.

By the end of my session I knew I’d worked my body hard it made me feel good!! The instructor is very approachable and I enjoyed a chat with her about the exercises I’d done. I hope to continue going to improve my muscle tone .

Jo Styles

I really enjoy the yoga sessions. Although I am a complete beginner the moves are all explained really well with options if you want or are able to take them to a more advanced level. Even after a few weeks I feel that I have improved and am able to do more than when I first started.

I always come out feeling stretched and relaxed and really positive.

Beverley Brooks

Cake baker and designer from Kidderminster

I’ve tried yoga for the first time this evening.

I’ve been to other people’s yoga classes, but not made them habitual.

I liked the ambiance with the soft lighting , candles and suitable music.

I was able to follow her clear instructions and she tailor made each move for everyone- beginner to advanced. I found the class hard, but not too difficult to put me off.

The relaxation at the end was exactly what it should be… totally relaxing!! Looking forward to next week

Gayle Evans

from Stourport

The yoga class on a Tuesday is wonderful.

Exhausting but beneficial for 45 minutes and then a blissful 15 minutes of restful meditation to finish- The moves allow for all levels of competence and each week it is clearly evident that progress is being made.

Instruction is clear and mindful that all students are correctly positioned to ensure safe movement, and she is supportive but at the same time encouraging . A very enjoyable class in all aspects.

Margaret Burke

retired from Kidderminster

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